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How MindMatters Works

We believe science is key to improving the quality of the digital afterlife.

What is
Mind Uploading?

Back in the year 2020, when it was only a hypothetical concept, Olle Häggström defined mind uploading as "transferring human minds to computer hardware". Mind uploading is a reality since 2047 thanks to advanced whole brain emulation techniques. Currently, it is a safe procedure, regulated by the Global Data Organization (GDO).

At MindMatters, we provide Mind Uploading in 3 steps: 
scan, store and upload

Our Services
Doctor Examining CT Scan


Every detail of you

With MindMatter's patented

technique to scan your memories and personality after your death

Image by Shubham Dhage


All your data safely

Records are kept on decentralized blockchain network, protected from hacking and data loss 

Image by Kylie Lugo


Start your afterlife

You wake up on the Metaverse, ready to meet family as an Em (emulated mind)

Our services
01 Scan

The first step to mind uploading is to scan your brain at perimortem (near the time of death). 


At MindMatters, the scanning procedure is completely painless, with thousands of patented nanobots tasked with identifying every microscopic structure that makes you the unique individual you are. The groundbreaking technique was inspired by Robert Freitas' nanomedicine research [2].  We will conduct a thorough three-dimensional scanning of your 80-90 billion brain neurons to reconstruct the network in our computer network [5]. 

All our procedures are in compliance with Global Data Organization (GDO) best directives that regulate mind uploading.

02 Store

The scanned data will contain your identity for the afterlife - that is why we secure state it using the art data storage. This identity is called an Em, short for Emulated Mind, a concept created by futurist Robin Hanson (Hanson, 2006). [3]

At MindMatters, we use blockchain storage in a decentralized infrastructure that guarantees protection from hacking and tampering, while also preventing data loss.

We are also in compliance with the most up-to-date privacy international laws. You can trust us to take care of your data in the afterlife.

03 Upload

Our patented whole-brain emulation technology [4] is in constant evolution thanks to our human-AI research teams.

Once your scanned data is uploaded to the Metaverse, you will be ready to live your afterlife in that universe - free to visit family and friends, have fun, own property, work jobs, etc.


As an Em (emulated mind), you will be consciously living your afterlife in the Metaverse, and eligible to benefit from all the services and perks currently available to other living humans. You will also be part of a unique and vibrant community of over 50,000 Ems who have been through the same process as you.

MindMatters has a close partnership with Meta. For more about afterlife services available please check their website.

Additional Services

Academic References

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional project for the Speculative Design class at the University of Toronto.

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