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Next Chapter of
Your Life Awaits

Stay connected with your loved ones and explore endless possibilities in the digital afterlife at the Metaverse with our groundbreaking whole brain emulation technology.

What Makes Us Special

MindMatters Experience

Digital immortality is a unique experience and we endeavor to make you feel like you are at home when you go through it for the very first time. MindMatters supports your transition to the digital afterlife through our patented whole brain emulation technology that is approved by the Global Data Organization (GDO). Our professional support team will guide you through the process. Let us show you a quick snapshot of what to expect.

Before Passing

MindMatters will arrange a free consultation session to help you and your family compare and select a membership package that best suits your personal needs. 

After Passing

MindMatters will start the mind uploading procedures after your passing. Our team will receive a notification from your designated medical institution. Our GDO-approved technology can scan, store and upload your brain's neuron network up to 72 hours from the moment you pass. 


The transition period between your passing and your new digital afterlife will be a void period. You will not retain any memory of the scanning, storage, and uploading processes. In a simple analogy, you close your eyes for a quick nap and you will wake up to your digital afterlife in the Metaverse.

Day 1 of Your Digital Afterlife

You will wake up to a complimentary apartment that is included in your membership package. Our MindMatters AI guide will give you a tour of your neighborhood in the Metaverse and answer your questions. Our membership packages come with different afterlife support add-ons based on your personal needs.

Forever and Ever

Your living loved ones can also visit you on the Metaverse anywhere and anytime. Your day-to-day life will be similar to your usual Metaverse experience before your passing - Only you have more time to explore different possibilities offered by the community!




Smiling Woman


Em, since 2071

"I might have died young but I got my second chance here. Everything takes place in the Metaverse now and I live a life that is as fruitful as others! "

  • What is an Em?
    An Em is short for Emulated Mind, a concept created and explored by futurist Robin Hanson in the book The Age of Em (Hanson, 2016) [3]. At MindMatters, we borrowed this name to refer to our clients whose minds are scanned, stored and uploaded in the afterlife.
  • Is the uploaded Em still the same person?
    Yes and no. The uploaded Em shares identical memory, mental states and behaviors with the original client up until the moment the brain is scanned. To avoid the ethical dilemma of having two versions of the client (i.e. the original client and the digital twin) co-exist [4], MindMatters only provides mind uploading services to clients who have already passed in the physical world. Our GDO-approved brain emulation technology is able to preserve and scan the brain of deceased clients up to 72 hours after their passing. The uploaded Em will live as a continuation of the original client in the Metaverse.
  • Can I upload my younger self?
    No. Our technology consists of a thorough scanning of all brain neurons, meaning the uploaded Ems will retain all memories of the original clients until their passing. MindMatters provides a complementary avatar that looks identical to the client in real life. If clients hope to change the age or appearance of their avatar, they can purchase add-ons in the Metaverse.
  • What does life look like after I am emulated?
    Clients will be uploaded to the Metaverse and continue with their usual day-to-day life prior to their passing as an Em. They will no longer have access to the physical world but they can stay connected with their living loved ones on the Metaverse.
  • What do I have to pay for?
    Clients can purchase membership package that comes with different storage period and add-on services based on their personal needs. Complimentary scanning and uploading are included in all packages. For details, please refer to our pricing page or send us an inquiry.
  • How do I pay for my Metaverse afterlife expense?
    MindMatters specializes in delivering mind uploading and storage services. Clients are expected to finance their Metaverse living expenses on top of the MindMatters membership fee. Such expense will be charged on Metaverse's built-in payment system.
  • What happens after my membership is due?
    Clients will receive notifications 1 year, 6 months, 30 days and 1 day before their membership is due. Payment is expected by the due date.
  • What happens if I am no longer able to afford the membership?
    MindMatters reviews case-by-case requests for extensions, as long as the request is made at least 30 days before the membership is due. As per the agreement, in case of payment is not received, the client's mind emulation on Metaverse will be immediately suspended, meaning they will no longer be conscious or responsive. All data will continue to be safely stored by MindMatters for a 12-month grace period. The emulation can be re-uploaded to the Metaverse if payment is made by a next-of-kin or person listed by the client as an emergency contact. If no payment is received by the end of the grace period, the data will be deleted permanently.
  • Is there a pause or sleep mode?
    The client may opt for sleep mode, where they pause their mind emulation on the Metaverse for a determined period of time. In the meantime, their data will continue to be stored safely. The time in pause counts in the membership.
  • What happens if I want to be deleted?
    MindMatters respects a client's decision to no longer live in the afterlife. There is a process in place when a request is made, including 3-month therapy sessions and a multi-disciplinary board hearing. Once the process is completed it is irreversible, with all client data being deleted without a trace.
  • What happens to me if the Metaverse ceases to exist in the future?
    The client's data will continue to be stored safely with MindMatters. Ems' digital self will be uploaded to a compatible medium should Metaverse cease to exist.
  • Is MindMatters regulated by the government?
    MindMatters operates its business in dozens of countries on all continents in compliance with all local laws. We are also compliant with the rules and best practices established by the Global Data Organization (GDO).

Academic References

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional project for the Speculative Design class at the University of Toronto.

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